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We have a limited supply of ARCs available and a signup form for you to make requests. Below is a list of ARCs we have and a link to the signup form for you to make requests–all of these titles are on the signup list with links, so below is just for your reference and research. We will be updating the list as we can, but there are no guarantees we will have what you want. Please note that we may be limiting ARCs we send to 5 per request if we have more demand than we can fill. Our publishers may have additional copies, so we will do our best to get you what you want, but please limit requests to fewer than 10 total titles. Links on each title will take you to the titles Edelweiss page for more detail.

Request ARCs Here

Available ARCs

Kids Picture Books
A Girl Like You 
Acoustic Rooster 
Bobby Babinsky’s Bathtub 
E is for Everyone 
Everybody’s Tree 
H is for Honeybee 
Letters from Space 
Lions Cheetahs Rhinos Oh My 
Raccoon’s Perfect Snowman 
Sing Some More 
T is for Thor 
Tails from the Animal Shelter 
Tip and Tucker: Paw Painters 
Truth and Honor 

Middle Grade / Young Adult
All Thirteen 

Band Nerds 
Be Dazzled 
Embassy of the Dead 
Everything I Thought I Knew 
Five Total Strangers 
Pretty Funny for a Girl 
Radium Girls 
Rural Voices 
Sing Like No One’s Listening 
Somebody Give This Heart a Pen 
The Black Friend 
The Frozen Prince 
The Nightmare Thief
The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel 
Wayward Witch 
Wishes and Wellingtons 

Black Widows 

Cold Tuscan Stone 
Dark Currents 
Love Songs for Skeptics 
Parent Up 
See What You Made Me Do 
The Arctic Fury 
The Deadly Hours 
The Devil and the Dark Water 
The Mystery of Mrs. Christie 


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